Employees outside of Starbucks storefront

Local Government Representatives Visit ONroute’s Cambridge South Plaza to Celebrate Starbucks Opening

December 22, 2020

On Friday August 7th, ONroute staff at the Cambridge South Plaza had the pleasure of being joined by Cambridge Mayor Kathryn McGarry to celebrate the opening of their new Starbucks. On Tuesday August 18th, Cambridge MP Bryan May also visited the plaza to congratulate the team and take a tour of the new location. May presented the ONroute staff with a certificate wishing them success with the opening and with future business development. We’re grateful to have the support of local government representatives and to be able to bring new brands to the communities we operate in during this time.

Employees at Starbucks Grand Opening
Mayor of Cambridge Kathryn McGarry attends the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the NEW Starbucks location at our Cambridge South Plaza.

With many Ontarians choosing to travel the province this summer, ONroute is continuing to expand and invest in the favourite options customers are asking for. Eastbound travellers looking for a refreshing beverage or caffeine kick along their journey can now grab a treat from the iconic coffee brand in Cambridge. In addition to the new Starbucks, visitors to the plaza will soon be able to choose from Subway and New York Fries when they stop to fuel up.

Commuters and travellers should stay tuned for announcements about new dining options and amenities coming soon. At ONroute, we’re proud to partner with the brands you love, no matter which location you visit. When it comes to providing a variety of healthy and delicious options, we’re ON it!

Employees by a "Cold Brew" tap
Member of Parliament for Cambridge Byran May visits our Cambridge South Plaza to celebrate the opening of their new Starbucks.