About ONroute

Who We Are

ONroute operates 23 travel plazas located along Highways 400 and 401 in Ontario. Our locations provide travellers with fresh and exciting food and beverage options, gas, and other amenities that improve any road trip experience.

Each of our locations features well-known franchise brands, a convenient 24/7 ONmarket, EV charging stations, restroom amenities and free Wi-Fi.

Our Mission

At ONroute, our mission is to make your trip more enjoyable by providing you with a safe, fresh and convenient plaza experience that meets the needs of all travellers.

The Stars of ONroute

Our CREW at ONroute provides the highest level of service to our customers by going above and beyond to ensure that every visit is enjoyable and memorable.

Corrneil | Napanee Plaza | Tim Hortons
"Corrneil is phenomenal! Blown away with his customer service and overall friendly personality. He absolutely made my day - it's been a long one."

Cindy, Akshay & Sarah | Cambridge South Plaza | Tim Hortons and Burger King
“The plaza had two buses come through and these employees provided exceptional customer service during the busiest times. 5/5 rating for service.”

Beth | West Lorne Plaza | Tim Hortons
“I had a chance to meet Beth during my visit, and she went above and beyond on what she was being asked to do. She was working in different stations to get her crew members and customers what they needed. I loved the hustle and passion she had for service.”

A Part of The Local Community

ONroute is proud to be part of the local communities where we operate. We are proud to be a local employer and strive to provide an outstanding experience to our customers.