Melanie Teed-Murch

CEO’s Corner: August 2020

December 22, 2020

To our customers,

It’s hard to believe that August is already here! As summer travel and vacations continue, we’re very excited to introduce new initiatives and developments to make your journey and choice of ONroute even more enjoyable.

Diversifying our offerings and ensuring options for a range of dietary restrictions and preferences is important to us as we serve our customers and meet their needs. We recently introduced our partnership with Freshii which has added “grab n’ go” options to our M Market, including sandwiches, wraps, protein boxes and pressed juice. By the end of the month, we will also see Subway restaurants opening at our Trenton South, Mallorytown North, King City, Innisfil, Cambridge North, Woodstock, and Ingersoll plazas, which will offer Beyond Meat and plant-based alternatives in addition to its regular fresh menu. It’s also always exciting when our existing brand partners expand to more of our locations. Our Cambridge South plaza will be welcoming Starbucks on August 7, in perfect time for travellers, and our regular and loyal commuters to the GTA, to soak up speciality summer beverages.

We also recognize that the current circumstances of the pandemic combined with summer vacations and travel can be bittersweet. To help brighten this month and say thank you to our customers for their continued support throughout this time, we will be holding contests throughout August and giving away one (1) $100 gift card to Starbucks and Canadian Tire every week! Learn more about the contest.

While we are looking forward to the exciting developments and activities happening at ONroute this month, we also feel that there is an important conversation to have about treating one another respectfully during these challenging and uncertain times.

As an essential service provider, ONroute has been there for travelers on the 400 series highways, never closing our doors, throughout this pandemic. I feel it is important that our customers know that the ownership and leadership of ONroute expect that all of our customers interact with other customers and with our team members in a calm and respectful manner, each and every time they visit our plazas.

We are all experiencing COVID-19’s differing effects on our jobs, relationships, social interactions, and lives. This reality demands heightened respect and kindness towards others, regardless of frustrations, inconveniences, and uncertainties. It is what we expect from our employees as they deal with each other and with our customers and equally, we expect our customers to treat our team members with empathy and common decency when choosing to stop at ONroute. We will not tolerate customers acting in any manner that is disrespectful to our staff, which includes interfering with personal physical space as well as verbal interaction with profanity and swearing.

I am personally grateful for the incredible team I work with every day. They have continued to serve our customers despite the challenges and extra demands that have come with ever-changing procedures as we follow guidance from the World Health Organization, Public Health agencies and medical professionals. I wholeheartedly advocate that employees, not only at ONroute but all of those who are working in customer-facing and retail environments, are treated with understanding, patience, respect and kindness, especially during what is already a very difficult pandemic globally.

We appreciate the cooperativeness of our customers as we continue to work hard in providing a safe, clean and reliable stop for you along your journey. We’re looking forward to sharing in the excitement of this month’s activities with you and hope to see you soon. Stay safe and offer kindness to others.


Melanie Teed-Murch,
Chief Executive Officer, ONroute